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Duoble vision or diplopia

There are some people who complain that the double vision when viewing objects or people at a certain distance. When he went to the doctor, said that the disorder is likely to occur in the central nervous system in which case the center of vision in the brain.

Hearing location in the brain disorder that would make the patient in shock and trying to find information anywhere about vision problems he suffered. Just to share information, I give the notion of diplopia or double vision as follows.

Diplopia or double vision is a vision disorder in which objects appear double. Diplopia derived from the Greek, diplo = double ,Opia = vision .

double vision or diplopia symptoms

Diplopia is generally divided into two, namely :

Binocular diplopia

Binocular diplopia is double vision occurs when the patient is seen by both eyes and disappears when one eye is closed. This condition was caused by muscle movement disorders eyeball so that the corner of the eyes out of sync ( the early stages of a person who would be a squint or strabismus ).

Other causes of double vision is damage to the nerves that serve the muscles of the eyeball. The nerve damage caused by stroke, head injury, brain tumor and brain infections. Binocular diplopia can also occur in patients with diabetes, myasthenia gravis, Graves' disease, trauma or injury to the eye muscles and damage to the bones supporting the eyeball.

Monocular diplopia

Monocular diplopia which affects only one eye. Double vision occurs when one eye is closed (double vision from one eye). This disorder can occur in patients with astigmatism, corneal disorders arch, pterygium, cataracts, dislocated lens of the eye, tear production disorder, and some disorders of the retina.

Because it is not a specific disease or in other words, diplopia is a symptom which can occur in some diseases I mentioned above, the treatment of diplopia depends on the underlying disease causing diplopia.


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